Bioterroism Links

Many of the topics for the 2002 MMFEHA Annual Education Conference in Columbia, MO are focused on the role of our members in protecting the public from threats of bioterrorism.  Bioterroism is a timely topic and you can find much information on the internet that is useful and informative.

The following links are to various sites that provide information about bioterrorism as it relates to public health.  Some of these sites also include multi-media presentations; you will need some type of media player (Windows MediaPlayer, RealPlayer, etc.) to view those.  In some cases, you may need to open the page in the media player.  To do this, just copy and paste the URL from your browser to the input line of your media player and press ENTER.  That will take you to the web page and allow the multi-media presentation to play in your media player window.  Click here to go directly to the multi-media presentations.

Your feedback on the usefulness of these links is invited.  Just click here!


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Multi-Media Links