More Photo Genealogy

Veltz and Rieser
early 1900's

Katherine (Kate) Veltz

Kate was Grandmother Ida's sister. Joan remembers meeting her but doesn't remember the family seeing her very much.

Kate was the daughter of Ed Veltz and Mary Breen. Her siblings were Lizzie*, Ida, Edna, George, and Charles. We don't know if she married or not. Ed and Mary died when Ida was a teenager, so that may explain why Aunt Kate was more like the mother of the family, since she was older.

*Lizzie doesn't show up on all of the family tree drawings. She may have died young.


This is the Rudolph that married Catherine Arnold. (Catherine was definitely not a "Kate")

There seems to be a generation "missing" in our account of our family history. Our family tree drawings show this Rudolph as being the son of Rudolph the immigrant, but he and his brothers, Valentine and George, are said to have immigrated together.

We have a document showing that Valentine purchased property in Jefferson County in 1848. This photograph is too recent to be the Rudolph who immigrated to this country in the 1840's.

Grandpa Rieser (our dad's Dad) went to Immaculate Conception for grade school. It was a boarding school where they boarded with the nuns. Joan went for a ride with him once and they stopped in front of the old Fox school building. She remember that he said he went to school there, and she thinks he said high school, but can't clearly remember

Rudolph Rieser